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You will want to keep reading if...

You’ve been successful everywhere you’ve been.

You’ve always had the answers, and jobs have always come to you, but this time, it’s not working.

You’re employed but hate your job.

You’re stuck. You’re doing all the job search things people tell you to do, but
it’s not working.

You’re unemployed, and you don’t have time to waste.

You’ve tried Internet ads and networking, everything you know, but
it's not working.

You're former military and TAP didn’t help.

You’ve been told you're a hero and will surely get a great job, but
it's not working.

It's time for a different approach.

You can take control of your career with these 3 steps:

1. I’ll prepare you
for the search

I will get to know you: your goals, strengths, challenges, and needs; and then help you develop the right mindset and skills to find the job that is right for you.

2. I’ll give you an individualized plan for the search

We’ll construct a plan to identify and get in front of targeted employers,  to network without losing friends, to maximize your ability to get an interview!

3. I’ll coach you throughout the search.

I’ll be with you- role playing, overcoming obstacles, offering insight, evaluating opportunities, and helping you negotiate the best possible compensation and benefits.

You have the ability to take control of your career and your life.

"I absolutely love my new job . . . Funny how things fall into place when you are doing what you love to do."
- Michele T.
"I had been told several times not to "waste my money" on commercial career advice. Bottom line, none of the resources available to veterans provide the coaching and customized mentoring of Bud Whitehouse."
- Linda B.
"For me, the guidance was much more meaningful than the answers would have been. The guidance allowed me to learn things that I can now apply to areas other than the job hunt."
- Levi L.

Why job search and career management coaching?

Gain the skills and confidence you need

A good coach helps you develop job search skills and get your mindset right! A confident job seeker will always win out over a troubled job seeker!

Get a competitive advantage

A good coach will help you with the strategies and tools to give you the edge in your job search.

Be prepared for everything

A good coach prepares you for curveballs that may come your way. Nothing will throw you off your game because I'll be here to help!

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Job search methods that are leaving you frustrated and discouraged:


Networking events

Outplacement Services and TAP

Responding to internet ads (and waiting...)

Sending out countless resumes (and waiting...)

Hitting up all your friends and relatives

Coaching to help you succeed:

Picture of a free resume review.

Resume Writing

Your resume is good for only one thing: getting an interview. If it isn’t doing that, it's time for a change. Together we will create a resume that will help you be sought after by employers.

Free resume review
Picture of an online job search.

Job Search

I help you seize control of the the hiring process, so you get  recognition from the employers you want, get the job you love, and get paid what you are worth.

Picture of man with career success.

Career Success

Once you start your new job, protect and grow your career! I’ll show you how to gain opportunities with both your new employer and other potential employers.

You may need a coach if:

You're a manager or executive who has never had to look for a job before.

You've lost your job.

You're stuck in an unrewarding job.

You're trying to get promoted.

You're former military.

You're changing careers.

Why work with Bud Whitehouse?

My name is Bud Whitehouse. I understand what it’s like to feel trapped when it comes to your job and career. I am happily employed, loving what I do each day. But I’ve been underemployed, feeling stuck and unmotivated in a job I didn’t like. And I’ve been unemployed, feeling unsure what my next step would be. I’ve experienced the full range of emotions, and have helped my clients through these same emotions, as well. Your frustration, anger, and perhaps even panic are real. It’s scary not knowing what your future looks like. It’s  hard telling your spouse that everything will be okay when deep inside you aren’t even sure you believe it yourself!

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End the cycle of discouragement.

Together we will get you the job you really want!

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